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Commercial and Alternative Flea Treatment

Fleas infest your pet cats and dogs. These pests also breed within your homes. To get rid of fleas, ticks, and lice in your pets, you can resort to popular and alternative methods.

Widely used products such as topical flea medication can be applied directly to your pets. Products which can be sprayed or added in fogging machines are used on the other hand to eliminate flea spread within your house.

Advantage flea meds is one of the most used products. Despite high rate reviews, it was found out to have an effect which lasts only for a month. An alternative cat Frontline treatment may be purchased for a lengthier effect. Frontline is tested to be more effective for a period of as long as ten weeks.

Like all other flea control products, safety precaution is advised for specific conditions of cats or dogs. You have to consult with a veterinarian before applying any product for pets which are pregnant or nursing, sick, old, or as young as less than 12 weeks.

For those who prefer natural flea remedy as an alternative, you can use homemade cat flea killer. Some of which includes edible items such as yeast and garlic. These can be fed directly to cats following an allotted dosage.


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