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5 Major Mistakes When Taking Out Cash Advances

One of the reasons why some people were not successful with cash advances and eventually caused them to fall in debt traps is that they committed any of the five major mistakes when it comes to taking out a loan from cash advance loan companies or any other instant loan providers. So, for you out there who have plans of taking out this kind of loan in the coming days or are contemplating to do so at the moment, here are five mistakes that you should avoid in order not to fall in debt traps through cash advance loans.

  1. Do not know how much is needed. Most borrowers are very glad that they have several options when it comes to loans and abuse this privilege. Yes, it is a privilege and not a right since there is a need to fulfill application requirements and have the loan approved and as a result, you apply more loan amounts more than what is need or more than what you can afford. With that, you end up having difficulties when repayment time comes.
  2. Borrowers did not shop for better cash advance companies. Not all loan companies are created equal; some have better terms and conditions, some are quite understanding when borrowers need more time to repay, others have rude loan officers and employees, and among others. As a borrower, it is important that you only transact with loan companies that offer lower interest rates, with good customer service, and offer best terms and conditions so that you are not at the losing end when repayment time comes.
  3. Did not read the fine prints and find themselves with lots of surprises like additional fees, hidden transaction fees, and many others. You can just imagine how difficult it is when you thought that your obligation is only $500 and the loan company tells you that it is $550 because you failed to read everything in the contract.
  4. Did not exhaust alternative sources of credit which are either interest free or has very low interest. Because of the convenience of cash advance loans, many borrowers were blinded to it and ignore borrowing from friends, family, and even employers. Well, the problem with borrowing from these people is that you have lots of explaining to do while instant loans companies do not care how you will spend loan proceeds.
  5. Not paying on time is a recipe for disaster when it comes to acquiring more negative credit ratings. And when you have increased your negative score, the chances of taking out low interest loans becomes even more difficult and thus you tied up with more expensive loans like this kind of loan.

As you can see, it is very easy indeed to fall into debt traps. What you can do therefore is to take note of these five major mistakes when applying for cash advances. And to increase the chances of not sinking deeper or avoiding debt traps, financial planning or budgeting is one of the best solutions and it is interest free.

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