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Published by Maria Marilyn Madrid

Promoting skin care products online or offline to the male population is still a big challenge for companies engaging in these products. There are still issues that need to be confronted such as skin care products are for women only, using these products will make them less a man, and men in general do not need skin care products. When you look at different print and TV ads or any types of promotional materials, there are lots of things to be improved when it comes to promoting such products to men. Here are few ideas to consider.

The Marlboro Man Approach

When you look at image models of these products, most men will not be convinced as the models do not actually represent what an ideal man should be. The reason why Marlboro Man was successful in terms of campaign is because it was able to hit right through the very heart of every man in this planet. The model represents what and how should a man be. What you see right now in the ads are men who are too good looking and men in general cannot relate with these models as they are perceived as too vain and real men are not vain.

Exploit Situational Approaches

Men do not need to see how a certain skin product is applied but rather they want to see how the product is useful to them. Men should see actions like applying sunscreen when going to offsite projects and locations, applying anti-aging cream so that he won’t hear his kids’ friends telling them that their grandpa is just around the corner, or offering anti-itching products to women in camping scenes or outdoor activities. Men would not want to be caught applying creams and other skin care solutions but they would rather know on what occasions these products are of use and important to them.

Promote the Products in Activity Magazines

GQ and Details are obvious print materials to advertise these products. But not all men subscribe to these magazines. Coupled with the above ideas, skin care products advertisements should be seen in magazines like Sports Afield, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Magazine, Mens’ Health and Fitness, and other targeted magazines for men on top of vanity magazines. You might be in for a surprise that wrestling fans, Rolling Stone readers, and computer geeks are also interested to discover and apply skin care products.

Use the Common Man Approach

Unlike women, the male kingdom is more interested on what other men are doing and using instead of looking like one of them. You don’t convince men to patronise a product just because Brad Pitt is using it. You cannot encourage them to use anti-wrinkle product because Clint Eastwood is rumored using it. The Marlboro Man campaign was successful because men saw the model as one of them.

According to reliable resources, the skin of men is twenty percent thicker than women. From this information alone, most men will believe that they do not need skin care products. Thus, it is indeed a big challenge for companies on how to encourage men to try their products. The above ideas will definitely help.

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