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Published by Maria Marilyn Madrid

You do not need to be skillful with different aspects of picture hanging activities. Just knowing the important factors to consider is enough in order to get the best results when you dress up your walls at homes or in the office. These considerations will help guide you through the whole process and make it easy for you to choose the best pictures or pieces of arts. Some had it wrong because they failed to know and understand these considerations.

Right Size

There is such a thing as right size when you hang pictures and the purpose of which is to complement both the frames and your walls. If happen to own large or huge picture frames, be sure that you also have a similarly large wall to install it. The same goes with small pictures, do not attempt to place any of these in large walls but you can hang them in narrow walls. Although you have the creative privilege when it comes to choosing pictures, you should also understand that it should look pleasing to the eyes.


Rainbows are attractive; however, you do not have to use all the colors in it when you hang pictures. You must observe color coordination so that the colors will not appear as if screaming at you. As much as possible, three complementary color combinations are favorable as each color will not try to outdo each other. In addition, you have to match the colors of your picture frames with that of your walls. Neglecting it will make some picture frames exist as if it wasn’t there in the first place.

To Group or Not To Group

This is rather tricky. Some people do want to place as many frames as they want while others frown on the confusion of images that goes along when you group your photo frames in your wall. Should you want to go for group pictures, be sure to know some of the basic tips on how this is done such as being adventurous by combining large and small pictures, categorising frames in terms of colors, sizes, and themes, and experimenting with combinations for examples.

Be Dynamic

White is not the only color in this world. You can use other colors as wall background theme. Try to use colors in a way that it creates a dramatic effect, a feel good atmosphere, and of course to complement your photos with frames. Some people are not successful in hanging their pictures as they were restricted to conventionalities and were afraid to try new things.

Change and Alterations

You do not have to punish yourself and torture yourself with outdated themes for examples. You can change from time to time and alter either wall colors or the frames. Depending on time and money, the frequency of change is your own personal decision.

Picture hanging activities is really a personal affair as described in these five areas of considerations. It is up to you as to what colors and sizes to use, how often you change or alter the frame arrangements, and experimenting with picture combinations.

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