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Basic Skin Care Info: Skin Aging and Skin Care Routines

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Before you buy skincare products online, you need to at least know the information about skin care.  It is important as the ideas you learn will help you decide which skin care products you need to patronise and what skin care regimen is appropriate for you.  Because some of the products available has certain requirements and has specific conditions when it comes to dermatological maintenance, as such, knowing or reminding yourself about these basic information will help you achieve the desired results when it comes to skin care. 

Basic Skin Knowledge

The skin is the largest human organ in the body and is definitely one of the most important.  It protects the entire body from health and disease invasion and at the same serves as an alert mechanism to determine aches, pains, pressure, climate, and temperature problems.  It has three major layers: epidermis, which is the top layer and the defense coat between the body and the environment; the dermis, which is the middle layer and designed to protect the body from outside forces, and the hypodermis, which is the bottom layer and is comprised of blood vessels, follicles, and glands. 

Skin Aging

There are three ways by which our skin ages. These include naturally, through exposure, and lifestyle abuse.  Skin aging is inevitable; it cannot be avoided. As we celebrate our birthday annually, our skin becomes dryer and thinner.  In addition, frequent muscle movements like frowning and smiling also helps develops crinkles and wrinkles.  In most cases, we age our skin prematurely by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight without protection like lotions.  At times, we age our skin voluntarily by virtue of smoking, alcohol, and inadequate rest or sleep. In addition, stress in our daily life also contributes to skin aging. 

Skin Care Routines

There are two ways in which you can help control or delay skin aging.  One is through natural skin care routine and the other is through skin care ameliorations. 

Natural Skin Care Routine

This option refers to skin care activities you need to perform and take note of every day such as washing your face with mild soap and lukewarm water possibly twice a day, not rubbing the skin when drying after bath or shower, exfoliating periodically, wearing sunscreen, peeling off makeup before going to bed, quitting or avoid smoking, moderate alcohol drinking if not avoidance, eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and so on and so forth. 

Skin Ameliorations

There are two ways by which you can perform skin ameliorations.  One is to buy skin products available in the market.  But before you do so; be sure to consult a dermatological professional first to determine which product is suitable for your skin type and needs.  The other option is to procedures such as Botox, facial surgery, chemical peeling, laser rejuvenating treatment, and derma-brasion for example. 

Final Word on Skin Care

With several skin care products online, it helps that you perform natural skin care routine first so you won’t be buying a lot of products. This will also help you save money.  Skin care products are meant to support natural methods and are not meant as the only solution available when it comes to battling skin aging.  

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