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Career Development: What Seminars Should Nurses Attend

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          One does not rest on laurels, especially if has a desire to climb the ladder of success.  As a nurse, it is not enough that you are skillful and has all the right nurse supplies and equipment in order to be successful.  You have to continuously improve in your craft and acquire more skills relevant to the profession.  Attending different seminars and other forms of continuing education activities can gain different ideas and refresh some previously learned techniques buried under the business of different nursing activities performed at work.  So what are these career development seminars that nurses should attend?

1.     Team Work Seminar. Nurses are not only capable professional medical assistants of doctors and physicians.  They are part of the team in many different health and medical institutions.  A lot of people rely on their skills when it comes to patient treatment and rehabilitation.  However, as a nurse, they should be able to know different ideas on team work and how to implement it on a day to day basis.

2.    Financial Management Seminar. Everybody knows that nurses do not belong in the bracket of best paid workers in many countries around the world.  Thus, financial management seminars will help these people manage their financial resources so that in their own small ways, nurses can improve their financial worth and gain financial independence.

3.   Fallback Position Seminar. It is actually an alternative to nursing seminars.  It will help nurses realise their possible options when nursing jobs are scarce or they are terminated due to cost cutting or designation redundancy.  In addition, they will be introduced to different skill building and income generating ideas to prepare them for any eventualities. Since the demographics of patients are changing as days go by, so are the opportunities available for nurses.  It is then better that male and female nurses are informed in advance about future realities to help them prepare for it.

4.    Communication Management Seminar. It is wrong to assume that the only communication nurses should excel in is limited only to their monitoring reports.  It is also important that nurses should be able use the right words. For example, when dealing with religious issues, gender, and political issues when it comes to patient treatment.  Nurses should be able to articulate their ideas to patients very well in order to avoid conflicts and at the extreme end, lawsuits in case patients and their families are not well informed about a case.

5.    Research Seminars. Even if nurses do not desire to become scientists in their own right, it is suggested to make it mandatory for them to be skillful about research.  Every data and information gathered by nurses are potential areas of research.  If they know how to collate information and arrange it into useful ideas, they might be able to provide better ideas when it comes to patient care and rehabilitation. 

It is not enough for nursing professionals to be adept about the latest nurse supplies and equipment.  It will also be helpful that these people will be given opportunities to explore ideas that are not only relevant to their jobs but also to their everyday life.  


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