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Published by Maria Marilyn Madrid

Not all people have the luxury of living in safe areas where flood, typhoon, and other natural catastrophe are non-existent. There are those who are residing in places where natural calamities become part of their lives from time to time. Thus, they are deprived of some luxuries in life such as installing carpets at home. Yet to some, these weather concerns do not intimidate them and still have carpets at home. Over time and period, they have learnt how to deal with such issues. Here are some carpet cleaning and maintenance tips for people living in disaster prone areas.

  1. Do not install wall to wall carpets. It is highly suggested that one should use carpet sparingly. Meaning, install only ample size, just enough to make the room attractive. Fiber rugs are ideal as they are easy to remove and clean.
  2. Be weather sensitive. If you happen to live in the place for so many years, you have an idea when natural calamities will occur and you better prepare for it. Thus, if you have smaller carpets or rugs, you can easily remove them and keep them secure in a place where they will not be affected with flood.
  3. Buy carpets which are made of strong fibers and materials. This is to make sure that your carpets will survive flood, dirt, mud, and soft clay. When you clean it after the disaster, it will only have minimum damage and you can still install it after the calamities.
  4. Immediately clean it. Do not leave it unattended once the storm has gone especially if it is really wet and had accumulated so much dirt and mud. One you leave it unattended for a day or two, it will be more difficult to clean as dirt and mud will deeply stick on the carpet.
  5. Deep clean it if the damage is quite serious. No one will know what kind of germs and bacteria will cling on carpets damaged by flood. You must remember that leptospirosis is one of the most acquired diseases during floods and the contaminants causing this disease might cling on to wet and damp carpets. Thus, the reason for sanitising your carpets.
  6. Contract only reliable carpet cleaners. It cannot be denied that there are fly by night carpet cleaners and service providers. Thus, as a rule, it is your responsibility to check which one of the many providers is reliable and deliver excellent results.
  7. Maintain day to day carpet cleaning maintenance. One of the ways to preserve you carpets despite being damaged by flood and other natural calamities is to keep it clean every day. This can be done in many ways such as wiping dirt and damp immediately, removing crumbs and waste, and not sweeping dirt under rug as examples.

Living in disaster prone areas is not really a reason to not have carpets at home. You just need to learn ideas on how to prevent damage and other carpet cleaning ideas to ensure that carpets will stay clean and useful even if it is frequently ravaged by flood, storm, or typhoon.

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