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Hiking Secrets that You Should Know About

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          When you take a hike for a Bay of Fires Walk tour, you will see interesting sights.  Think of camping under the stars, trekking on a cliff, and lots of other stuff.  But, how can you appreciate all these things if you do not know the secrets to hiking?  Indeed, there are factors to be considered if you go on a trail so that you can really enjoy your hiking or walking activities.  What are these?

1.    Prepare yourself first.  Walking or hiking can be strenuous and can be potentially dangerous if you are not too aware of health and medical considerations about your body.  Thus, it is wise to undergo medical check-up first so that you will be advised about the preparations you should do before embarking on a walking or hiking tour.  You might be encouraged to do a series of cardio vascular exercise first to help your body adjust for strenuous activities during the trekking experience. You have to build stamina so that you can perform well, stay relaxed, and be cool while walking uphill, climbing steps, or swimming rigorously.

2.    Bring on the extras. If you are into scouting activities while you are young, you know that being always prepared was the rule of the thumb.  Just because you were already informed by a customer service representative about the things to bring and the clothes to wear, it doesn’t mean that you should not carry any other items.  It is important for you to bring extra clothes, socks, pair of underwear and other personal stuff.  You will never know when you will need them badly when you are totally wet from perspiration or wear additional layers of clothing to make you warm. 

3.    Pay attention to what others are doing. Each one of us have different reasons why we join hiking or walking trips but it doesn’t mean that we insist doing what we want to do.  Some people are just too excited with hiking activities that they forget their team and wander elsewhere. If you want to endanger your life, so be it. But otherwise, stay with the pack.  Most hiking trails hide potential dangers and when no one is around to watch you, you can get lost or harm yourself and instead of seeing more sights, you might land in the hospital instead. 

4.    Condition your mind that you can do it. Other people will call it pray first and seek protection.  This is one secret that most people forget.  Everyone should devise their own mantra to keep them focused while hiking or walking.  The mere sight of long trails and uphill stretches may discourage people to continue walking.  But with a mantra and a probably a prayer, it will make you confident that you can persevere and enjoy all the activities involved in it. 

Bay of Fires Walk has so much to offer but you can never appreciate all of it if you are not prepared.  Take note of these secrets listed above when you want to embark on hiking activities in the future.    

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