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Published by Maria Marilyn Madrid

When you were still single and fond of outdoor activities, it follows that once you get the marital blues and have children, you expect that your kids will also appreciate outdoor activities such as kayaking or a day with Bay of Fires Walk. It is natural that you will orient your kids with activities that you find not only with great satisfaction but also a personal affair to get rid of stress and pressure. But and however, you cannot expose your kids with all the outdoor activities that you want to indulge. You have to prepare them even though you believe that kids can easily adjust. Here are the ways how.

  1. Expose them with Outdoor Games. Think of Frisbee and broken glasses baseball batting. Also, walking, throwing, and shooting are just some of the activities that you can do outdoor, not only with your friends but with your kids as well. In fact, as your child grows up, it is expected that he or she will have outdoor bonding activities with you while he or she grows older. Thus, if you want them to be like you, train them to appreciate outdoor activities even at a tender age.
  2. Bring the Kids with You. If you want your kids to appreciate your outdoor leisure, bring them along with you. Here are the reasons why:
    1. While they might not appreciate all the things that you do, they might find other interesting activities such as naming plants for example.
    2. They can understand why you need to sweat it out just to feel relax. And in normal situations, when they feel that your muscles are twitching, they will ask you “Dad, can we stroll?
    3. You can be a role model for them in order to stay fit and healthy. The person that we are and the kind of children we want to have is usually dependent on what we present to these little children.
  3. Buy The Necessary Equipment. Kids are sensitive and the usual reason why they cannot follow instructions is that they are not comfortable dealing with it. How can you expect kids to walk a mile if they have uncomfortable shoes? How can kids stay motivated if they have violet colored uniform? Try to be sensitive, you were once a kid and you know how it felt to be like one.
  4. Make It Frequent. Kids are one of the most adjustable creatures; they can easily adopt, provided that they are constantly exposed. Thus, you need to expose kids to your activities to have them get a feel of what you do.
  5. Rewards and Rewards. It is a reality that you have to deal with carrot and stick if you want kids to be involved with your outdoor activities. There is always that possibility that the reward is money that they will spend later on with their desired activities.

The rule therefore if you want to let your kids to experience outdoor activities like Bay Of Fires Walk is to expose them until they learn to appreciate it. It is not difficult to do as kids are pliant and can easily adjust.

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