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Published by Maria Marilyn Madrid

It is not only the female population who buy bras online or in departments stores and malls. Quite of a number among the male dominion do buy bras from time to time for their girlfriends, wives, or mistresses. In order for them to buy appropriate types of breast equipment or enhancement, men should also be familiar with important terms about bra, particularly on different parts of a bra.


When men are asked what bra cup they want for their women, for sure they will be confused as probably the only cup they knew are drinking cups. Bra cups refer to the part of the bra which supports and surrounds the breast. There are full breast cups, demi cup, angled cup and other examples. Each type of cup serves different purpose such as full support for the breast, seduction, and fashion.


This part is connected with the cup and is strapped to the shoulders. There are several types of bra straps such as halter, mid-halter, racer strap, and low neck as examples. However, current styles of bras allow adjustments in terms of designs and styles; thus, one can see crystal embedded straps, braided straps, nylon or metal straps, and other designs and styles. One thing that men should remember is that bra straps do not actually support the breast. According to some bra experts, it only supports 10 percent of the breast.


It is the strap that stretches horizontally across the breast and it gives maximum support for the breast. There are wide straps and narrow straps. The narrower the bands, the less revealing it is and the opposite is expected if the band is wider. It is important that the one should be able to pick the appropriate band size; if it is too big, it cannot give full breast support, and if it is too tight, the wires can leave marks below the breast and it is not only unsightly but also uncomfortable.


Why is this important for men to know? Closure is the hook and the eye either at the front or at the back of the bra. Some men prefer to have it in front as it is easy to unhook and others prefer it at the back as it is more seductive for them. The same goes with women, some of them find back closures as difficult to manage.

Types of Bra

Some websites list as many as 31 types of bra. Thus, men should at least be aware about quite a few in terms of type and it should serve a purpose that they have in mind. One will not buy a sports bra if seduction is in mind. Likewise, do not buy an ordinary bra if a mastectomy bra is appropriate. Do not give full cup bra if you intend your woman to wear strapless gowns.

There are other terms which men need to know if they want to bras online. The above ideas are just the most important terms that men should know so that they can give the right bra for their women.

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