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The Seven Deadly Sins of Carpet Cleaning

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          Carpet cleaning activities vary from one person to another.  Each individual have their own methods when it comes to cleaning carpets.  Some of these methods were handed down from their parents while other ideas were acquired through observation. Still some ways were just accidentally discovered and proved to be effective.  However, there are still concerns about cleaning mats, rugs, and carpets.  In relation to these concerns, here are seven deadly sins:

1. Procrastination. Putting off for tomorrow what you can do today is really deadly.  A lot of things can happen if you leave carpets damp even for a few seconds.  Deadly small creatures such as mites and ants might cohabit in the carpet and will not only destroy your carpets but other parts of the house as well.

2. Surface Cleaning Only. Some people will only try to clean carpets on surface level.  They believe that daily vacuuming will do the trick to prevent damage and preserve carpets.  What these people do not know is that vacuuming is only one of the methods for carpet cleaning.  There are other methods that complement it in order to effectively clean mats, rugs, and carpets.

3. Owning untrained pets. Pets have to be trained in order for these creatures not to scratch and dig into your carpets or urinate and poo poo into it.  Even if you clean their mess immediately, it will be taxing on your part if you do it very often. Other tasks and chores are also not done immediately as you deviate to cleaning messes caused by your pets. 

4. Not teaching children manners on maintaining cleanliness.  Informing kids about the benefits of cleanliness is really helpful.  This way, they have an idea that sweeping dirt under the rug is not a good idea, not dusting crumbs from snacks, and not telling adults that carpets have stains and dirt on it are surefire ways to destroy carpets.

5. No periodic cleaning. Cleaning carpets should have schedules.  Maintenance clean-up such as vacuuming can be a weekly affair but deep cleaning the carpets should be done periodically to really get rid of germs and bacteria.  It will be a healthy affair if one does more than surface cleaning.  You save family members from the trouble of getting sick and eventually saving money because one will not spend money for medicines or at worst hospitalisation. 

6. Not using the right cleaning equipment. Carpets are made of different materials depending on your preferences. Each material needs compatible cleaning methods and equipment.  Using incorrect methods and tools can cause more damage instead of cleaning it.  It’s best to confer with your local experts and find out what are the compatible methods and tools.

7. Not storing solutions and tools. Each house should have cleaning solutions and tools to remove dirt, stains, and dust immediately. Do not wait for days to remove these.  Such havoc to your carpets is better attended to immediately so that it will not sink or totally become embedded in your carpets. Removing these right away will not become a very difficult task for everyone.

Carpet cleaning is really a serious affair. When one commits just one of the deadly sins enumerated above, disaster to carpets is highly possible.  

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