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Want to Shed Pounds? Try Exercise Nutrition

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Whether your goal is to lose weight quickly, gain muscles, or for weight control, what you eat before or after your workout routines can make or break your purpose. Exercise nutrition spells out the difference in your weight management program. Here are some healthy tips for you in relation to this.


A healthy diet means a recommended intake of 200 to 300 calories for breakfast. Too much fat should be avoided because they are difficult to be digested. Juice, although absorbed faster by the body may result to tiredness since it causes an abnormal fall and rise of blood sugar. A low fat diet is highly recommended. Low fat diet should include whole grains, bananas, mono unsaturated fat (commonly found in peanut butters), and bagels.

If you are a person whose exercise plan can only be performed in the middle of the day, probably during lunch time, your food weight loss is quite different. Your calorie intake should be higher at 300 to 400 calories. You need to stick to a low carb diet especially if your regular diet consists of around 60% carbohydrates, 20% fat, and 20% protein prior to having this game plan. To replace a carbohydrate meal for lunch, you are advised to take shakes, bars, fresh or dried fruits, yogurt, or oatmeal.

People who perform work out after office hours are mostly very exhausted, both physically and mentally. With that, they have a heavier need for energy. Therefore if possible, at least two to three hours before leaving work, a balanced meal which includes 400 until 500 calories should be taken. The best healthy diet food combination for these type of people though includes crackers, cheese, fruit and grain muffin, and vegetables.

Nutrition for the body does not end after working out. Aside from a healthy calorie intake, it is necessary to stay hydrated. For an optimum performance, around 16 ounces of water is needed by the body two hours before workouts. During exercise routines, sip water as often as you can. Water is always the best fluid replacement. Furthermore, never perform an activity with an empty stomach. To ensure that your body is ready for the physical activity, it should have fuel needed for stamina and endurance through adequate water intake.

Exercise nutrition can also be paired with diet supplements. Sufficient body rest is also recommended. This would mean eight hours of sleep every night if possible. Over involvement in workout programs can be tiring and dangerous as it may cause overtraining symptoms and fatigue. When this happens, all work outs done may end up being pointless and meaningless. Therefore, a full sleep is needed. Aside from that, there is sometimes a necessity to change work out routines and work out plans. This should be done on a regular basis to keep the weight loss routine up to date with your progress. The more diverse the exercises are; the more interesting the weight loss plan becomes.

When trying to lose pounds, workouts are indeed necessary yet exercise nutrition should come hand in hand with it. The effectiveness of losing weight depends not only on work outs done but also on food taken.


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