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Wearing Bra: It Is a Matter of Choice

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          Some women buy bras online, some are not even buying any. The traditional notion about wearing bras was torn down a long time ago.  Before, it was mandatory for women to wear one. But recently, it has evolved into a social commentary other than being a fashion statement.  Indeed, wearing a bra is now a matter of choice.  No longer are mothers and grandmothers dictating women of today that they should wear a bra. Even threatening these women with medical and health issues by not wearing a bra can prevent them from making a choice. 

          It is indeed a matter of choice especially when it comes to style and shape.  Not all women are created equal. So for breast fixated people, they all know too well that some women have ample breast size, others has humungous pairs, and a lot can be categorised in the middle with varying degrees of dangling and sagging of course.  Women today are more aware that they do not have to wear a strap bra if they look odd in it, much more if they find great discomfort with it.  Thus, even if different companies are urging women to go strapless, the ultimate decision is on the woman.  It is she who is wearing it and not the executives at Triumph, Avon, or other famous brands.


          White is one of the most popular colors for bra, especially among pre-teens.  However, the decision to go white was just a maneuver from the oldies.  Young ladies today are luckier as they have oldies who now understand women better than women of generations ago.  In the first place, why wear white if you have a black blouse?  Odd, isn’t it.  Thus, the bra is more than an accessory; it is a piece of clothing that also introduces the personality of the girl, woman, or lady who is wearing it.  At times, it is also used for a certain purpose such as persuasion and seduction. 


          While men are talking about cups but not teacups for that matter, women are more interested with the material used when buying a bra.  Not all women like silk as they feel wiggly in it.  Some women feel that lace bra are just for seduction and for intimate moments only but some women do wear one while even in the office.  It adds power for them.  Bras made of sea shells are stuff that you can only wear in fairy tales,  but Victoria Secret has proven once and for all that platinum, titanium, and what have you can also be used as materials to create a stunning bra. 

          Indeed, to buy bras online or elsewhere is a matter of choice.  Women have all the right to choose what kind of bra to wear in terms of color, style, shape, and etc. One of the basic considerations when it comes to bra is not about cost but comfort.  Thus, we have to respect if women want to go braless or wear one in black or white with gold or pearl trimmings. 

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