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Published by Maria Marilyn Madrid

As a photo booth hire photographer, it is not enough that you are only familiar on how to set up a booth, run a business, and with all types of cameras appropriate for different situations and photo opportunities. There are other personal traits that you should possess or eventually acquire through training and experience. Remember that you are dealing with people; thus, most of these traits are somewhat related to people skills. Here are the top personal trains that you should possess.

Oral Communication Abilities

This is quite specific since you do not need writing abilities to convince people to try photo booth pictures. You need the ability to urge people to try the booths and have interesting or fun pictures. It is natural when photo booth people will want to wait for people to be interested to have their pictures taken in it. However, it will be more fruitful if they can say the right words to invite people and be satisfied with the results and as a consequence, they will hire the same people to do business with them.


You do not have to be good looking in order for people to like you and be convinced to take their pictures inside the booth. Just merely looking at you on eye level, they will feel comfortable and confident that you can take beautiful pictures inside the booth. Charisma is something which few words can explain but a simple look, stare, and nod can make the difference in urging people to voluntarily take their pictures.


Here is a question, how can you convince people to have their pictures taken in your booth if you look dirty? Indeed, appearance might be deceiving but first impressions do last with some people. If you do not have charm or charisma to attract people, try these; looking good, smelling nice, and being approachable can spell the difference. You do not have to wear a uniform in order to be differentiated as a service provider and not as a guest; however, you have to look clean and convincing so that guests will be enticed to take their pictures.

Nice and Easy

People are really interested to have their images taken at picture booths; however, once they see people first in line experienced your tantrums and other negative behavior, they won’t be excited to try their luck with your services. You have to do it nicely in order for people at the event or occasion to take their pictures. And in addition, you can nicely explain why you can allow only one or two shots and if they want more, you can convince them to shell out money or ask the host to pay for it.

What is the use of having the most advanced gadgets when it comes to photo booth hire if you cannot convince people to indulge and take pictures? Indeed, to be effective in this job is to understand and determine important personal traits that one should have in order for guests and event participants to have an exciting photo booth experience.

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